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Gearbox Design and Analysis

In conjunction with our extensive knowledge base and empirical experience honed over decades of original innovative design, our skilled gear and gearbox design engineers utilise a number of specialist in-house developed and industry standard commercial software tools to optimise the quality, performance and durability of our products.

• IDAPIG Gear Design

• A COG developed empirical based design and analysis tool for parallel shaft and epicyclic macro-geometry definition

• Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD

• AutoCAD 2D CAD

• MSC Nastran Finite Element Structural Analysis

• Tricorn Production Management Software

• A process flow and manufacturing traceability software

All manufacturing detailed drawings are produced by our design team and optimised for our traditional and CNC machining capabilities.

Our designers continuously consult with our assembly and maintenance technicians to ensure ease of assembly and maintenance. We never compromise on quality and always incorporate the highest quality trusted brands for all bought out items such as bearings, seals and fasteners into our products to ensure robust performance.

The COG ‘Flexible-Pin’ Epicyclic Load Sharing Device

All COG epicyclic gearboxes employ a unique load-sharing device, the ‘Flexible-Pin’, that has been developed and optimised over 30 years’ of applications. In our design the planet gear is mounted on the planet spindle, which is supported on the outboard end of the flexible pin, cantilevered out from the planet carrier. This design produces full balanced tooth loading on all the running gears resulting in smaller, lighter and efficient ‘COMPACT’ solutions. This solution also provides significant cost savings over conventional epicyclic designs.

This very compact design solution is particularly well suited to high speed aerospace applications, where minimising rotational mass is critical.

Compact Orbital Gears

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