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Component Inspection

COG is committed to ensuring the quality of our products. High speed applications require our components to meet the tightest of tolerances. For all our one-off products and for many of our small batch production components we conduct 100% inspection utilising our extensive inspection and measurement equipment:

• Axiom Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

• Micro Vertex Measuring System

• Klingenberg CNC Gear Tester 650mm

• MAAG PH60 Lead & Involute Tester

• Goulder Mikron No. 4 Rolling Tester with Tally graph

• Avery Type 6406 Hardness Checking Machine

• Truth CMM (H= 1m W=1.3m L=2.5m) – Temperature controlled room

• Metronic Shadow Graph

• Tiede MPI

• Hoyts Bond Meter

Compact Orbital Gears

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Call Us: +44 (0)1597 811676